FlashFX Developer API documentation

General information

FlashFX API is GraphQL based because GraphQL is simpler and easier than REST API and more developer friendly. Although, the data you send and receive is all JSON.

FlashFX API playground is located here: https://api.flash-fx.com/‚Äč

Quick start

  1. Sign up for FlashFX account here: https://www.flash-fx.com/ You'd need to provide us your driver's license or passport. We'll start verification process immediately. Typically takes an hour.

  2. Ask us for API access in the support chat on the bottom right or on the main site. Or send an email to support@flash-fx.com.au

  3. After we enable you, go to the https://api.flash-fx.com/ playground, click "DOCS" on the right to explore the possibilities.

  4. Find there the login mutation. Execute it to obtain your access token. For example: mutation { login(input: {email: "YOUR_EMAIL" password: "YOUR_PWD"}) {token message} }

  5. Click the "HTTP HEADERS" on the bottom and add this: {"authorization": "Bearer YOUR_TOKEN"}. Replace the YOUR_TOKEN with the token you just got.

  6. Execute any other queries.

For more detailed instructions head to the Basics page.

Important notes

Breaking changes

While we will endeavour to not introduce any breaking changes they might still occur in the future. In that case we will communicate about the upcoming changes via your registered email.

Complete API docs

This documentation website does not have full list of API fields and methods. This is intentional. The full list of the API calls you can performs and the data fields you can send/receive is listed in the API Playground (click "DOCS" on the right hand side).