Disburse your money to Australian bank account(s)
You can retrieve all or some of your withdrawals.
You can create withdrawals. By default you can withdraw only to your personal bank account.
If you are a fully verified customer you can payout to any bank account. You'd need to:
Having a recipient ID you can now withdraw money.

Withdrawal processing statuses

  1. 1.
    You create a withdrawal. Your balance goes down by the withdrawal amount plus fee. INITIALISED
    1. 1.
      We might manually review the transaction. INITIALISED-> REVIEWING
    2. 2.
      If review goes well it will become pending. REVIEWINGPENDING
    3. 3.
      Otherwise it gets cancelled. REVIEWINGCANCELLED
  2. 2.
    The transaction is sent to the recipient bank for processing. INITIALISEDPENDING
  3. 3.
    • CONFIRMED - the recipient bank have the money now. Does not mean the beneficiary account number was credited though. Mostly FINAL status. Except when bank decides to return the funds, the withdrawal gets refunded (see step 4).
    • FAILED - NOT FINAL status. Depending on the processing error we have three scenarios now.
      • REFUNDED - see step 4 below.
      • CANCELLED - manual action. Your balance goes up by the amount, FlashFX keeps the fee. FINAL status.
      • PENDING - rare case - retrying. Sometimes it might work. Go to item 3.
  4. 4.
    The recipient bank decided to return this transaction back to FlashFX. CONFIRMEDFAILEDREFUNDED - usual way - automatic refunding. Your balance goes up by the withdrawal amount, FlashFX keeps the fee. FINAL status.
The REVIEWING is an optional manual action by FlashFX Compliance team. Occasionally we pick some transactions for extended AML/CT review. Most transactions do not ever get into the REVIEWING status.

Most common status transitions

Happy path


Unhappy paths

Recipient bank accepts the payout but then returns it:
Recipient bank rejects the payout:
FlashFX Compliance team rejects the payout:

Testing/simulating unhappy paths

Typically, you want to adapt your system to handle the following common withdrawal scenarios:

1. Too long in PENDING status

We are doing a manual review of your withdrawal, we sent your Compliance Team (or else) an email message requesting more information. In this case the withdrawal can be in PENDING state for up to 10 days (5 business days + 2 weekends + an occasional holiday).
You can simulate the behaviour. Your externalReference must include this text: HALT_AML. For example: "testing HALT_AML attempt 2". The withdrawal will get stuck in PENDING forever.

2. Fails AML and gets cancelled

We checked the data you sent us for withdrawal. We didn't like it. So we cancel it immediately.
You can simulate the behaviour. Your externalReference must include this text: FAIL_AML. For example: "testing FAIL_AML attempt 4". The withdrawal will be cancelled next moment after you submit it.

3. Recipient bank rejects the money

An often scenario in Australian banking system is when a local transaction went seemingly fine. However, few days later a recipient bank decides to return the money. There are multiple reasons for that. For example: account number does not exist, account was closed, account is of a wrong currency, etc.
You can simulate the behaviour. Your externalReference must include this text: FAIL_ACC. For example: "testing FAIL_ACC attempt 8". The withdrawal will be completed, and next moment failed and refunded.