Disburse your money to Australian bank account(s)

You can retrieve all or some of your withdrawals.

You can create withdrawals. By default you can withdraw only to your personal bank account.

If you are a fully verified customer you can payout to any bank account. You'd need to:

Having a recipient ID you can now withdraw money.

Withdrawal processing states

  1. You create a withdrawal. Your balance goes down by the withdrawal amount plus fee. (none) → INITIALISED

  2. The transaction is sent to the recipient bank for processing. INITIALISEDPENDING


    1. CONFIRMED - the recipient has got the money on their balance. FINAL state.

    2. FAILED - NOT FINAL state. Depending on the processing error we have two scenarios now.


    1. CANCELLED - usual way - cancelling. Your balance goes up by the amount plus fee. FINAL state.

    2. PENDING - rare case - retrying. Sometimes it might work. Go to item 3.