Change log

History of changes to this API schema



  • RecipientAccountIdType was fully duplicating the AccountIdType. Replace the former with the latter. This might break your auto-generated code in strongly typed languages. But won't change any API queries or responses. So, this change is not considered to be a breaking.



  • Added ability to disable and activate sub-clients

    • mutation disableSubClient(id: ID!): MutateSubClientReply

    • mutation activateSubClient(id: ID!): MutateSubClientReply



  • Added deposit queries

    • query deposits(input: DepositQueryInput): [Deposit]

    • query deposit(id: ID!): Deposit

  • Introduced sub-client feature – transactional accounts for AUD processing in Australia.

    • query subClients(input: SubClientQueryInput): [SubClient]

    • query subClient(id: ID!): SubClient

    • mutation createSubClient(input: CreateSubClientInput!): MutateSubClientReply

  • Deposit and withdrawal webhooks now include subClient object with sub-client information when present


Removed (BREAKING)

These types and fields were never used by anyone for couple of years.

  • Removed enum DepositMechanism.

  • PaymentInput and ConfirmPaymentInput fields:

    • removed depositMechanism

    • removed depositReference

    • removed depositAmount



  • New item in BsbDepositDetails

    • accountName - Australian bank account name.

  • New item in Withdrawal

    • statusMessage - a human readable message of the current status reason, like processing error messages.

  • New item in Payment and PaymentInput

    • sourceOfFunds - mandatory field for some destinations.

  • New enum SourceOfFunds.



  • New items in both query type and mutation input Senders.

    • legalName

    • tradingAsName

    • businessNumber - differs by country, e.g. ABN in Australia.

    • acn - Australian Company Number. Should not be used for other countries.


Changed (BREAKING)

  • Fixed typo in RecipientQueryInput field name. snaps -> cnaps


Changed (BREAKING)

  • Fixed typo in the WithdrawalStatus enum item. INITIALISING -> INITIALISED



  • callbackUri to Payment, Withdrawal, CreateWithdrawalInput. Now you can query the callback/webhook URI you have supplied earlier. Also, this allows you to receive webhooks when you create a withdrawal (aka local payout).



  • New items in RecipientQueryInput. This means that recipients can be searched by:

    • firstName

    • lastName

    • middleName

    • dob - date of birth

    • companyName

    • phCashoutNetwork

    • payid

    • bic

    • iban

    • aba

    • bsb

    • clabe

    • cnaps

    • sortCode

    • ifsc

    • accountNo

    • rippleAddress

    • externalId - ID in your system



  • Introduced Withdrawals - send money from your account (FlashFX digital wallet) to local banks.

    • query withdrawal(id: ID): Withdrawal

    • query withdrawals(input: WithdrawalQueryInput): [Withdrawal]

    • mutation createWithdrawal(input: CreateWithdrawalInput!): CreateWithdrawalReply

  • PHP currency support.

  • middleName property in recipients and senders.

  • PAYID recipient type for Australian local payments or withdrawals.

    • Recipient.payid new property.

  • PH_CASH recipient type for Philippines cash network payments.

    • Recipient.phCashoutNetwork new property.

  • You can now query your recipients by accountIdType property. For example: recipients(input: { accountIdType: PH_CASH })

Removed (BREAKING)

  • Removed the unused enum PaymentType. It has no sense and was deprecated a year ago.

    • Simultaneously removed properties Payment.paymentType, PaymentQueryInput.paymentTypes, PaymentInput.paymentType.

  • Removed the long deprecated PaymentInput.recipient object. The only way to provide a recipient for a payment is via PaymentInput.recipientId. You would need to pre-create the recipient beforehand.

  • Removed never used AccountIdType enum values: BPAY, FIN_BTN, INTERAC.