Two types of the webhooks
The main triggers for all webhooks - are payment or withdrawal status changes. E.g. when a withdrawal goes from PENDING to CONFIRMED status.
There are two types of webhooks in FlashFX.
  • Regular webhooks - a URL would need to be saved to your FlashConnect settings. All types of events.
    • You can lookup the history of all the HTTP requests and responses, their JSON bodies and headers.
    • If there is no response we will show you what exactly the problem is: DNS issue, networking issue, 5XX response, etc.
    • You can receive webhooks when a deposit lands to your virtual bank account
  • Ad hoc webhooks - you would need to provide a callback URL per payment/withdrawal while creating them. Only "payment" and "withdrawal" events are supported.
The webhooks HTTP POST calls will follow all the standard HTTP redirects (3XX codes).
Last modified 8mo ago
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